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BitPotion is a pixel font available in both TTF and Bitmap formats (.png + .fnt).

The font contains both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and a range of commonly used symbols. BitPotion Extended adds a large range of Latin accented characters and a further range of symbols.

The average size of the characters is 4x7 for uppercase letters and 4x5 for lowercase, stretching to 7 with ascenders/descenders. 

Works best if used at font sizes in multiples of 16.

This font is free to use in both personal and commercial projects. Credit would be preferred. If you use it in a project of yours, I'd love to know about it!

Available under the CC-BY license.

If you have any particular issues with the license, don't hesitate to get in contact and we may be able to work out a different license on an individual basis.

Font by Joeb Rogers.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

BitPotion Extended - Full 29 kB
Bitpotion Extended - TTF 32 kB
BitPotion Extended - Bitmap Fonts 17 kB
BitPotion - Full 8 kB
BitPotion - TTF 9 kB
BitPotion - Bitmap Fonts 4 kB

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Hello! I like this font and would like to convert it for use with pico-8 (see this message for more info: https://itch.io/post/2610777 ), with due credit given :) I have looked at the PNG images and I don’t understand how to use them; usually fonts have their characters laid out in ASCII order, or in alphabetic order, but here I see a partial repertoire in an irregular order. Am I looking wrong? Thanks in advance for help!

Hey! No, you're not wrong, I had used a tool to generate the image version of the font from the actual ttf file - not sure what was specifically wrong with the config, but the output is non-standard and I had trouble using it semi-recently, and did get some better results converting again with different configurations, but I never got beyond a few test files with that, so not sure which of those are actually usable.

I'll possibly try and upload a better bitmap version at the weekend maybe if work lets up. In the meantime, you may make much smoother progress generating a png version with the exact specifications you need yourself from the .ttf file, there's a bunch of free/open source tools that can do that!


I see, thanks! I will try one of these ttf to png tools when I have time this week.

Thank you for this font! I used it in my very first videogame:


That's awesome! Congrats on your first game, and thank you for using my font!

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Hey I really enjoyed this font, made a game using it.

RogueForest - link

Oh awesome, thanks for choosing my font, I'm glad you like it. Congrats on the game, I'll definitely give it a try when I get time!


This font is really awesome! Can you also make it in square pngs? Like as a 16x16 or a 32x32 size png. That would make it easy to load up in rouge-like engines.