Blossom is an atmospheric puzzle platformer built in 72 hours for the GDL January Jam. The theme for the jam was silence.


  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • Z - Interact


Play as Tinker, a small robot aiming to restore the world back to it's former glory! Silence and darkness has covered the land, explore the landscape in search of hidden relics to bring forth sound and colour to the world of Alegria.

Post-jam fixes are on the way and should fix up a couple of the small bugs in the next few days! I really enjoyed working with this concept, and am thinking of fleshing it out into a longer game over the coming months.


Programming, Art and Design by me - @JoebMakesGames

Sound and Music by Mortistar -

Font used is BitPotion, also created by me -


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Blossom Windows JAM Fixed 8 MB
Blossom HTML5 JAM Non-WebGL 14 MB


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Man, this game is actually genius! Realizing that I'm collecting sfx's gave me real pleasure! And also I really loved discovering that I not only can go left-right in game screens, but also upwards and downwards) One good thing about gamedesign is that I really wanted to discover what sfx I'm gonna discover next. It drove me to play further.

5 starts, loved it.


Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! I was really happy with the overall concept behind the game flow, although I do wish I had left more time in the game jam to actually focus on a coherent level design. I did my best to try and prompt exporation through the placement of SFX and change in the level within the very first area - it worked well enough I think for what it was, but most of the later content was just the best I could do with the time I had left. I will at some point get around to properly working on and finishing a more long-form version of this jam game, but that's for the future! 

Anyway, I appreciate the comment, have a happy holiday!


oh man, I can't make those jumps... the man starst floating and bouncing all over the screen.
All in all I like your work, it is really creative !

Heh, yeah you have to bounce off the one above you to land properly, it's a tough one! When I remake this properly there'll hopefully be a much more forgiving difficulty ramp! Thanks for comments!


browser version doesn't start in mac by hitting z.. checked my hotkeys.. nothing.. using vivaldi..

(1 edit)

Oh, thank you for letting me know. I don't have a mac to test with but I'm unsure as to why there would be an issue on an HTML5 build, I'll look into it! Thanks.

Just to check, browser games that start when the page is opened like these look like they have input focus because music starts playing/stuff is happening on the screen, but they actually don't. Have you clicked on the game screen first then tried pressing Z? Just a thought!

yep, with multiple attempts to set focus to the actual game frame. but I had a thought that it might work from within the itch desktop client so I'll try there.

unfortunately the desktop client installs the game which then opens to a blank window. checking safari next.

got a message in safari which said that webgl was required.. checked on how to enable, option did not exist in my version of safari.. I would have checked chrome and firefox but I deleted them.. for giggles I tried to open it in Hyper which is actually just a terminal based on web technologies and that did seem to work.. So... I'm guessing it will likely work in chrome.. but I don't believe it works in sierra or high sierra safari. this has been your friendly neighborhood diagnostic tester.. hope it might give you a lead.      

Thank you for doing all that work, I really appreciate it! I was worried that would be the case, the game requires WebGL in order to run correctly. Unfortunately this isn't a compatibility issue that can really be fixed from my end (I've tried a non-webgl build, it's very broken). It's quite surprising that you ran into that issue though, as webgl support is included in practically all modern browsers (including Safari 8.1+). 

Thank you for trying though! Means a lot!


So I went through a big door and the game ended? Is that supposed to happen?


Yes, unfortunately that's all the content I had time for in the timeframe! I did have a much cooler ending planned, but didn't have time to execute it in the 72 hours. I will be working on a post-jam release version that should be a longer and better designed experience based around the same concept over the next month or two though.