Square 1.1 Update

I suppose this should probably 1.2? I didn't really post an update when I last did an update.. oh well.

This is just going to be a small one, letting you know what's changed recently.

Since it's release a couple of months ago in .ttf format, I have since added a .fnt + .png format for those of you who requested it to be available as a bitmap font.

Also, today I updated all of the asset releases to now include umlauted characters, as they had also been requested. Specifically you can now use Ä, ä, Ö, ö, Ü, ü.

If there's any other characters that people might want, such as other accented characters I'd be happy to include them, although I'm not sure how good they'd look  given the low size.

This also goes for any other file formats you might be interested in using. I can't promise that I'll be able to actually convert it, depending on what it is, but I'll definitely give it a go! 

Anything else coming up?

I've been working a lot recently on getting better at pixel art, now that I got a job working as a fulltime game programmer it's not as easy to get back home from work and continue coding, so I've been working on getting better at the art and composing aspects of development.

So with this in mind, I may produce a higher sized pixel font, with more detail. I'm currently working on a tileset asset pack for my current game, which I also may end up releasing to the public.

On a final note, I plan on updating Directory over the next few weeks with some of the new features I'd planned. I may also reskin the assets too, but we'll see. I've been trying very hard not to go back and write it all again with Electron, since I have not found WPF to be that fun to use, but an update is on the horizon.

If you're interested in keeping up with any of this, I'll most likely post updates on Twitter ( You can follow me at https://twitter.com/PixcelDev ).

Feel free to get in contact!


Square 1.1 TTF 10 kB
49 days ago
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49 days ago
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49 days ago

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